How do I promote my website outside the screen / media?

How do I promote my website

How do I promote my website?

How do I promote my website outside the screen / media? So, most of the marketing is now happening on the internet and unwittingly forget how powerful interactions you can get off the screen. While people spend a lot of time in front of screens of computers and mobile devices, this does not mean that is the only way to do Marketing. Using out-of-screen marketing strategies will work better in combination with others.

1. Put your site on your business cards

Everyone who works for your company should have business cards that include your website.

Thus, whenever you meet someone who may be suitable for what your company has as a target group (either as a client, employee or otherwise), you can offer a business card so they will have an easy they find you know where they should go to impress you.

This is an easy step to make and makes a big difference to how useful the activities and contact links that you and your employees will get in raising your company exposure.

2. Put your site (logo) into freebies.

No matter how successful you are, a kind of promotion will not always make you bad.

We all do. Pencils, blouses, notebooks – whatever they are, people will gladly take them.

If a branded pen with your website ends up in the hands of someone who needs the type of service you offer, they will know where to look. This tactic may not bring much traffic to your site but is another way to keep your site in people’s minds and make it much easier to find.

3. Take part in appropriate conferences for your business

No matter how much our lives go online, there is still nothing to do with meeting someone in your target audience personally.

Being able to talk about what your prospect’s business can be in perspective can be effective for you, and if you have business cards and freebies you can send them, and even more likely that certain people will check for your site when they return home.


4. Introduce yourself at appropriate conferences for your business

Participating in the conference as a presenter would help you not only in your personal professional aspect but also for a good marketing of the company you lead.

You can include a portion/mention of your site in your presentation and place the address or logo on your PowerPoint back in the end.

People will leave your conversation with an awareness of your company and (especially if the presentation is good) can give you positive feedback for your activity.

5. Introduce yourself to the events and organization of your community

There is no need to go to major conferences to fulfill personal perspectives.

Search for the events and organizations that are appropriate in your city. If there is a topic of your expertise that would be valuable to the public there, present a presentation for them as well.

Once again, this gives you a chance to promote your site by mentioning it during the presentation, and you can send people with business cards and freebies to make it easier for them to find the site later.

6. Support local organizations.

This is especially useful if you have a local business, but it is a good idea for any company. Look at local nonprofit organizations or other organizations in your city that receive sponsorships or mention your site in thanks for a donation.

If this happens by mentioning the public radio station in your public radio or on your logo and on the fundraising website for a good reason, these options give you the ability to link your brand name to a good cause and show that are part of the local community, and helping to drive more people to your website.

7. Use your car to promote your website.

Every day you stay in traffic, you can help expose more people to your business. Consider getting a car or, if you are more ambitious, end up with a car to allow your passengers on the road to know your business and where they can find you online.

The marketing downside of the screen compared to online marketing is that it is more difficult to find out where your visitors are coming from. However, most website owners will agree that getting more potential customers on your website is more important than knowing exactly how they got there.

Take the opportunity to turn over-screen interactions in ways to promote your online presence.


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